Elementary school

Fast acclimatization thanks to intensive support

To prepare for entry to our school, youngsters have the option of familiarising themselves with our daily schedule. Thus, preparation can begin even before entry in the dormitory of the elementary school. Since children and adolescents live together in small living communities of eight to ten students and two educationists each, close hand-holding is ensured right from the very first day.

Living and learning in nature

The concept of the elementary boarding school applies equally to all other classes: At Haubinda, children and adolescents live and learn in the middle of 90 hectares of meadows and forests in harmony with nature, and the sustainable use of resources has a significant role to play in day-to-day school life. 

Familiarising oneself with the normal day-to-day school life

Entering elementary school at the boarding with pre-school abilities like reading and writing is not necessary in our school, because the children all start their induction into day-to-day school life together. In any case, advance registration followed by a personal visit to the boarding's elementary school is recommended, to give parents and their children sufficient time for preparation.

Changing schools is possible

Of course, it is also possible that students from another elementary school transfer to the boarding school. After the elementary school of the boarding, it is also possible for the young persons to remain with us and to follow with the regular school, class 5 to 8. 

The latest teaching and learning methods

Up to the FOS class 13, children and adolescents can shape their academic path here. In the boarding school of the elementary school, as well as for the older students, a balanced interaction with the new media, tablets etc. is nurtured. Basically, the studying offers and teaching methods vary alternately between cognitive and experience learning, creative, project-based and social learning.


Any questions?

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Ines Schwesinger / headmaster elementary school