General technical school

Upon completion of the technical school Haubinda, our students are able to visit any German technical college with any branch of study We offer the disciplines Technology with focus on IT and economics/management with tourism as specialisation. Our students get professional practical experience through closely monitored practical training with selected companies.

Lessons in small classes

We attach a huge amount of importance to small, controllable classes. Only thus can we ensure that every individual student is nurtured according to his or her strengths, and that we can help in a focused manner. 


Our learning offerings and teaching methods vary according to application and possibility. Thus, cognitive learning alternates with experience learning, creative learning with project-based and social learning. With us, each individual can develop according to his or her talents. Our teachers meet these challenges through continuous pedagogical and didactic education.

After the FOS to the general final secondary school examinations

Another special feature: The boarding school village Haubinda is the only school in Thuringia in which students may appear for the general final secondary school examinations even after the advanced technical college technical qualification. Since the academic year 2009/2010, it is possible for students of the 12th class in Haubinda to attend the 13th class. The following preconditions have to be fulfilled to do so: At least the 12th class must have been passed in Haubinda, the grade point average should be 2.5 or better, and apart from English, a second foreign language must have been passed in the 11th or 12th class.


Any questions?

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Ralf Schilha / headmaster general technical school