Our academic concept

Living and learning sustainably and effectively in harmony with nature

The boarding school village of Haubinda in Thuringia is the oldest Hermann-Lietz school. We live here - students, teachers and other staff in harmony with nature in the middle of 90 hectares of meadows and forests, together with sheep and horses. We all live by the principle of using natural resources sustainably. Today, there are 420 students from classes 1 to 13 in the school, covering elementary school, secondary modern school, secondary school, technical school and final secondary school examinations. 

Boarding school and day school offers

We offer two options for attending school: About 140 students live in the boarding school, and the other students come as day scholars to Haubinda and of course, participate in the various extracurricular activities or interest communities, and carry out practical work inside the school and in the garden. Our education concept covers the differentiated and multifarious offerings of the most different academic forms and paths. We support our students intensively in the individual academic development stages and very carefully consider their subsequent academic path. Living in a family also means opening up new possibilities of learning peripheral to the school day, questions can be clarified once again away from school lessons, and meeting in small study groups is a part of the daily routine.

Learning from Nature in Nature

Visiting us is worthwhile: Upon entering our little village, you will immediately feel the character of community living in a village. The focus is on togetherness, learning together, working together on the farms, taking on responsibility. Anyone who also wishes to commune with the spirit of founder Hermann Lietz should visit his grave. Located in some small woods on the Kirschberg hill, the grave is located on the campus of the oldest school of the Hermann-Lietz Association, Haubinda. For all the three schools, the death anniversary of Hermann Lietz, on 12 June 1919, is of special significance and is remembered reverently with special events.  


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Burkhard Werner / headmaster