Secondary modern school

Togetherness is given a lot of importance

According to our Thuringian regular school model, all students are taught together up to the end of the 6thclass. A corresponding school recommendation can then make switching to another school form possible. 

Recommendations are enunciated

In classes 7 and 8, the students are taught together in the subjects Mathematics and English, but are graded in a differentiated manner. Our educationists pay particular attention to the abilities and evaluate them for their further recommendations. Thus, for example, students with satisfactory abilities get a recommendation for the secondary modern school. At the end of the 9th class, it is possible to achieve the Qualifying Secondary Modern School certificate in the framework of the central examinations.

Ideal preparation for the practical part

The oral examinations in the subject "Economics, Law, Technology" are expanded with a significant proportion of practical activities. Here, we can give our students the ideal help, because preparation for this practical part starts right from the extracurricular activities of classes 1 to 6 and in the framework of the practical lessons in classes 7 and 8. Thus, the children and adolescents are involved in agricultural operations, participate in housework, learn handcraft in the carpentry shop and take over childcare for our little children.


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Burkhard Werner / headmaster