Secondary school

Secondary school branch is integrated

Apart from many other academic paths, we do of course also have a secondary school path. With the qualified secondary school completion, it is possible to attend higher level secondary school. Here, a transfer to the Hermann Lietz School in Castle Bieberstein is possible. In Haubinda, the secondary school merges during the initial years in the so-called mainstream school, with the students being taught for some of the time with the students of the secondary modern school.

State-wide central examination

Class 9 ends with secondary modern school completion, or even with qualified secondary modern school completion, which makes it possible to attend secondary school. Secondary school ends after the 10th class with a state-wide central examination. Lessons in a secondary school combine vocational training with a technical or scientific orientation. 

Many paths after secondary school

Prospects after completing secondary school are varied – just like the lessons. Upon completion of the 4th class of the elementary school, students can enter secondary school. Until the start of class 9, at the beginning of a new academic year, a transfer to another form of school of the secondary level I, such as grammar school, is possible. Secondary school is generally completed after 10th class with the general certificate of secondary education. This entitles the student to attend a vocational school or even the higher level secondary school or secondary level II. It further makes possible access to a vocational education and is sufficient for entering middle level government officialdom.


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