Test stays

Test stays in the boarding school

Anyone who has only attended a day school can probably hardly imagine what it is to live in a boarding school. The ideal way to get an idea is a test stay, which we are happy to offer our young friends who are interested.

Get to know the students, the processes and the families

Who are my fellow-students? How is the daily schedule divided between school, extracurricular activities and recreation? What are the rooms like? And of course: Would I be comfortable here? Question upon question, all of which will be answered in a test stay. A young person staying with us as a short test will experience the day-to-day processes of daily boarding school life, participate in the extracurricular activities, be active in farming work or carpentry, and is an integral part of the evening get-togethers of the family.  We take care of our young newcomers; they are always accompanied and many new things are explained to them – everything, in short, that is special or different in boarding school life. 

From breakfast to turning in for the night

From waking up to having lunch together, and turning in for the night, interested young persons will experience everything, and after just a short time will form a clear impression of life in boarding school. Our students are ready to answer questions – even teachers will pitch in. Numerous students have already made use of the test stays, during which they were able to overcome their initial fears and worries, and really look forward to their subsequent boarding school stay.  When and for how long the test stays are possible can be discussed directly with the school management.


Any questions?

We will advise you!

Burkhard Werner / headmaster