Day-to-day life

How can my child get used to life in the school? 

We offer potential students a non-binding test stay of several days. They can then absorb the atmosphere of a boarding school during the school semester - or, depending on the school and organisational necessity, even during the holidays by appointment. However, there is no special familiarisation phase. Once they have arrived, new entrants experience boarding school life right from the start, with all its highs and lows. Each child must find its own niche, which needs time and empirically, can take up to one academic year. For the parents too, the motto is: to be able to let go.

What is the accommodation for my child in the boarding school like?

The students live together in so-called ‘families’ of seven to ten children. They are looked after by a male or female teacher, who must take on the functions of the family's mother or father. The private residences of the family's parents (if applicable, with the life partner and children) are on the school campus. The students are additionally cared for by a family godfather who, for example, is another teacher or social educationist.

How often will my child come home?

In the boarding school village Haubinda, there is a go-home weekend every two weeks, for which the children leave on Friday and return to school on Sunday. The other weekends are spent in school, with Saturday also being a school day. The students then pass the rest of the weekend in recreation with their home families or simply by themselves.

How are the hobbies and skills of my child nurtured?

There is a comprehensive, age-compliant offering of sports and mental activities apart from lessons. Numerous extracurricular activity clubs offer meaningful handcrafting and other activities. Some offerings, such as instrumental lessons, are realised at the campus in collaboration with local music teachers.


Any questions?

We will advise you!

Burkhard Werner / headmaster