Julius Stang, erstwhile student

The time I spent in Haubinda shaped my life for me. Earlier, in the state-run school, I wasn't a particularly good student, I simply did not get along with the teachers. At the boarding school, everything suddenly changed: Here, I was able to really get started. Thanks to the individualised fostering, I recognised my strengths and developed my self-confidence. 

Michael Wißler, father, CEO

I experienced an intensive period of schooling in the community. I wanted to give my children, too, the opportunity of experiencing such a wonderful time: Here, sustainable knowledge is generated from in-depth learning syllabi, and this guarantees long-term learning success. Social skills are promoted through specific projects. This makes it possible to consolidate personal skills.

Alexander Wißler, erstwhile student

I had an unforgettable time in Haubinda. The agricultural orientation is special. In the campus, there is a carpentry shop, a nursery and many animals, which the students also take care of. The student-teacher cohesion is wonderful, and it is quite certainly owing to living closely together – it is like a small village community. 


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Burkhard Werner / headmaster