Are there international students in Haubinda?

The proportion of foreign students is about 10 to 15 percent. A special infrastructure and an individualised integration program were created for children from foreign countries: Among these measures, for example, German was included as a foreign language in the syllabus, and a well-grounded time-table is generated individually for every child – in accordance with its abilities. 

Is the mother tongue recognised as the second foreign language in the syllabus?

Yes, this is clearly so defined in the school concept: The mother tongue is recognised as the second foreign language in the syllabus. English, French and Spanish are taught as additional foreign languages. The goal of encouraging youth from foreign countries is the final secondary school examination.

What happens during the free time?

The foreign students should quickly feel at home in Germany: Continuous support on weekends and holidays is assured. So also, it is important to appeal to the international palette, to which the dormitory kitchens have adapted themselves. To be able to apply the newly acquired knowledge directly in practice, foreign students are introduced to life in boarding school right from the beginning in intensive, personal contact – accompanied by a German "godfather student".


Any questions?

We will advise you!

Burkhard Werner / headmaster