All-round support

Excellently looked after in the village community

The boarding school village Haubinda provides everything that is required for a feeling of well-being. Idyllically located in the south of Thuringia, students grow up well looked after in the village community. A separate house for every family, a common bakery, a market garden with greenhouse, a large farm yard and a large workshop for wood and metal working - all of these are features of life in Haubinda.

A feeling of security in the dormitory family

Groups of eight to ten students with two educationists live together on the huge 90 hectare campus in their own apartments and houses, in communities, the so-called "families". This method ensures close support of the students. The educationists are present at all times for the children and youth as persons to talk to, as advisers – and off and on, to provide spiritual comfort. The students are supported by their families according to their ages and helped through everyday life. One central concern is that the students must feel protected in the dormitory community and at the same time, evolve into down-to-earth, autonomous personalities. Numerous community rituals afford this feeling of security – such as breakfast together, recreational activities with contemporaries or cosy family evenings.

Going through everyday school life

Of course, the children and adolescents are also very well cared for during routine school hours. Small classes ensure optimum individual fostering of every student. If a student needs additional lessons or help in a particular area, the experienced team of educationists is always at hand.Students with special talents or interests can realise or expand on them in the numerous extracurricular activities. 

Living and learning in the day school

In contrast to many other boarding schools, in Haubinda, day scholars can also go through the various school forms. Apart from the boarders, about 280 children and youth from a distance of up to 20 kilometres study in the idyllic boarding school village. Buses have been arranged between close-lying villages and cities specially for these day scholars to travel to and from school.

Day scholars participate enthusiastically

From 8.15 to 3.45 pm, the day scholars live and learn in Haubinda and are, of course, treated at par with the boarders. They carry out the same projects and participate just as much in Saturday lessons, held every alternate week. Moreover, day scholars also participate enthusiastically when work has to be carried out in the yard or in the fields. In addition, they participate in study periods and in a variety of work groups, the so-called extracurricular activity clubs.


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Burkhard Werner / headmaster