Culture from class 1

Regardless of whether it is choir, theatre or drawing, life at boarding school village Haubinda is enriched by cultural highlights. From the 1st class onwards, the creative abilities and skills of the students are fostered. The team of educationists specially considers the personal likings and talents of the students.

Allowing creativity to range freely

The choirs of classes 1 to 4, 5 and 6 as well as 7 to 10 meet for regular trials for the performances in the Christmas market, for Christmas and the traditional school festival. In addition, there are various extracurricular activities on offer, in which the students can learn to play different instruments – such as guitar or piano. 


Theatre classes learn scripts, build props and prepare with a great deal of commitment for their performances, because they present numerous pieces every school year. Anyone who wishes to set his or her creativity free is at the right place in the boarding school village Haubinda: There are varied extracurricular activities is very versatile, from handicraft work, felting, pottery and knitting to textile design. The members of the art club meet in the Art House.

Experiencing culture

Cultural education is not limited to just the campus of the boarding school village; the students are expected to look beyond its horizons and be inspired by high quality theatrical pieces. Therefore, trips to the theatre and musical performances in the surroundings are always part of the schedule – for example, to the City Theatre in Hildburghausen or to the State Theatre in Meiningen.


Any questions?

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Katharina Schlegel / social pedagogue