Medical care

Your health, in best hands

A cold, a pulled muscle or a bee sting – such things can happen to anybody. Precisely for such cases, the boarding school village Haubinda has its own nurse: If any student feels a twinge, he or she is in the best of hands here. This experienced caregiver applies bandages, measures the blood pressure and off and on, even dries the odd tear.

In just a few minutes to a good doctor

Of course, medical care is also ensured at and around Haubinda. House doctors, house dentists and specialists are just a few minutes away by car. The hospitals in Bad Königshofen and Hildburghausen can also be reached easily and quickly.


In case of serious or contagious illness, parents are contacted, since the child has to be sent home due to the extraordinary circumstances. Children who must take medication regularly are taken care of additionally by the nurse, who will administer the prescribed dose of the medication.  This also applies to preparations that are subject to more stringent safety requirements, such as those against AD(H)S.


Any questions?

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Felicity Langhans / nurse