Eat healthy - many products are home-grown

Healthy nutrition is one of our points of focus here. Nutrition in which the organism is given that which it needs. A diet that we wish to inculcate in our young folk along their onward path in life, because we are convinced that we remain permanently healthy only through a balanced diet.

In-house agricultural production

Thanks to the cultivation of our agricultural areas, animal husbandry and our own vegetable garden, we are able to supply our kitchen with our own products. Through their work in the fields, their handling of animals and the cultivation of fruit and vegetables, the children and young folk learn and observe the cycle from cultivation to tasty dish. The team in our kitchen is involved every day in making fresh dishes for the menu, and offers a wide variety of indigenous food.


Our students are ready to help in the kitchen as well, and they chip in. They learn to handle foodstuffs carefully. Sausage products, marmalades or apple juice - our guests in Haubinda also look forward to our various gifts from Nature. Apart from traditional German cuisine, we would also like to take the tastes of our students from abroad into account, and regularly offer international preparations.


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Isolde Rückert / cook