Sportily and actively through the school day

Hermann Lietz knew it: Sports are the ideal balance to mental strain. Sports activity imparts fun in movement, and strengthens the motivation and feeling for individual capacity. Decisive attributes like fairness, team spirit, discipline and health are the central themes here. Therefore, in the boarding school village Haubinda – in addition to regular sports hours – there is an extensive and varied offering of sports activities on the schedule.

The very large campus offers an ideal opportunity for this purpose. The big sports field next to the school building is popular for playing football. The large meadows are an invitation to play badminton or volleyball. 

From Badminton to Zumba

For students of any age, there is a big selection of work and interest groups, the so-called activity clubs for extracurricular activities. Badminton, basketball, archery, fitness and athletics, football, strength and endurance, track and field, riding, swimming, tennis, table-tennis and Zumba are available for selection. With such variety, our children or youth find it difficult to decide on any one activity.


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Olaf Reiber / sports teacher